Smriti & Medha Vardanarth Sarswati Poojan

Sharda Puja is significant for students to seek blessings of Goddess Sharda. students offer special prayers for success in their studies timeless puranas have described unique intellectual sanskars to be done for pregnant women and specially for children. Since ancient times this sanskar is supposed to increased attention, concentration, intelligence and memory of the child. In this sanskar traditionally the parents give a group japa or chanting of saraswati mantras. This is supposed to awaken the learning seed of the child and make the child open to accept new wisdom from all areas. Holding the child's hand, and shree or swastik will be drawn on a paper. The anka(numerals) and akshar(alphabets) will be drawn according to age groups This is the priming foundation stones for all sorts of learning and writing later in life. Some ancient beejaksharas or sacred alphabets will be written by childs using chandan.